Advantages of Body-weight Training

There are many opinions in the fitness industry with regards to body-weight training. For some, it’s just basic fitness, inferior to heavy weight training and useful only for beginners or for people recovering from injury. In the same time, there are others who turn it into an art and a lifestyle. Here are the top arguments why you should try it:

Body-weight training has the unique advantage — among other types of exercise— that it relies solely on body weight. You are free to work out in the park or at home. It’s great Do-It-Yourself fitness, as your body is the only equipment that you’ll ever need! Add to this the fact, unlike gym membership, it’s completely free and that the transition from one exercise to another is easy, since there is no equipment involved.

Body-weight workouts increase body awareness and allow you to use your strength more effectively. Also, being equipment-free exercises, they pose a very low risk of accident or injury in comparison to gym workouts, as there is no external load to put strain on the muscles, and they work several muscle groups at once. Remember, your core is made-up of at least twenty-nine muscles and there are several simple body-weight exercises that can engage them all. So, by doing it you won’t just gain that six-pack that you were dreaming about, but also better performance and an improved posture.

Another important point to consider is that, through body-weight training, if you push yourself to accomplish tougher versions of the usual exercises— one-arm push-ups, one-legged squats, cobra raises or lunges— you will become a muscle-building powerhouse, as strong as if you’re working for a Minneapolis moving company!

Don’t forget to approach training with excitement and with a sense of fun in developing your body. There are endless benefits of body-weight exercises, but practice and exploration make it perfect.